Where did you go to school?

I received my BFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

How do you work?

Generally speaking, I will sketch in Photoshop to make a series of thumbnails, block in color or greyscale to see which I like the most, and then commence detailing and shooting reference, then step back from the piece and see if the curves need tweaking as a final touch. I sketch and paint using a Wacom Intuos.

Can I see more of your work?

Certainly. Head over to either my Instagram to see more sketches and small commissions, or my DeviantArt gallery for older artwork.

How much does it cost to commission you?

Minimal background, waist-up character - $80
Minimal background, full character - $145

One character cover-style piece - $700

More than one character cover- $800 and up

Please note that these prices assume a private client, and no rush deadline. More complex/larger images, publication, or quick deadlines (four days or less) may up the prices here.

How does the process of commissioning you work?

Generally speaking, for covers, I do up to three versions of a line sketch until the content is approved, then send a color rough to make sure my client and I are on the same page about color and lighting, then finish up the piece. That way there's a lot of communication to make sure my clients are getting what they want before going to final.

For simpler pieces, like single character commissions, the pricing includes one revision at the sketch stage and minor changes to the painted piece.

Will you do something not on the payscale?

Of course! Email me at nicolec @ and I'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Do you sell prints?

Yes! I have a print store on Society6.  

Will you paint me something for free?

No. This does include working on spec or just project royalties as well.


All images unless otherwise noted are copyright Nicole Cardiff 2019.